Wednesday, January 05, 2011


More fish biting the dust...we have all sorts of hypotheses about why,
but it's our own fault for tackling the job without expert advice,
as soon as the last one dies (morbid, I know),
we will take a trip to Preuss' Pets downtown,
to start over with the right water, the right fish, the right chemical balance.

She smiled when I told her what we'd do, and got that look in her eye again,
the twinkle, the excitement,
the belief.

It's the way I feel most mornings,
with a half cup of coffee under my belt,
waking up to a gray sky and a quiet house,
in my old unraveling chair,
calendar and clean notebook paper by my side.

I feel hopeful again, that the mess of the day that is yesterday
has died and gone fully,
and today,
I have a whole day
that is new and clean and fresh
and alive
to start over with.

Good Morning!



Annie said...

These words could be put on a poster as a motivator in the morning:
"I have a whole day
that is new and clean and fresh
and alive
to start over with."

Thanks for the comment - nice to meet you too!

Brian Miller said...

you know...that is a great way to greet the morning...smiles.

GrandpaC said...

Did old Fred die too? I hadn't heard. I never tested water, checked its temperature, or sang to my fish (Ha) and they lived for seven years.
They would still be alive if I hadn't decided to clean the pond so I ran the hose in it to flush out the silt & stuff and forgot it and let it run all night. The next morning they were all swimming upside down! Well actually, they weren't swimming, they were floating! Sorry tho, for your loss.

TechnoBabe said...

Yes, waking to a new day is wonderful. Sorry to hear about the fish not making it, it will be interesting to hear if you get any good advice at the fish place.

Heidi Lee said...

I wish I lived closer so I could come join you with that coffee!