Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Out of Sync

*Twin girl ate a bowl of the froot loops we were saving for making gingerbread houses tomorrow before anyone could stop her.

*Roger the 7 year old piano student asked to use my bathroom yesterday (upstairs) and only later did I find that the sink had a pair of underwear soaking in it.

*I can't find my calendar, and I have that dreaded suspicion that I have double booked a gig and a family outing.

It feels like my timing is all off.

Sort of like when the dog starts to do his business and right then a car drives by.



Michelle said...

I read that and thought: ", the kid took off his underwear and soaked them in the sink...that's pretty ballsy..." But you mean, the underwear were "preexisting" before the boy came. Sheeshshsps. You're hilarious.

TechnoBabe said...

Out of sync was the story of my life for most of my many years, so these days when I have an off day and things are out of sync, I work on bringing it all back to peace and harmony. Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Brian Miller said...

yikes! underwear in the sink...ewww! hope life makes it back to sync and you still have fun with the gingerbread houses!

hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Beth said...

You just crack me up! Find that calendar. I totally freak out without my calendar. Then again, it not only has my information, but things to do and places to be for my husband and both my boys. And the dog (she has to have a life, too).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Heidi Lee said...

Uh-oh!! I have those days too. Weeks more like it.

I understand!