Saturday, November 07, 2009

Fire Starter

Got a letter in the mail asking us to participate in a
twins study at the University, so I filled out the on-line survey.

I had to ask the twins if they minded and they both said no,
and Twin Girl said,

"I like it when people study me."

Then I asked Twin Boy if he remembered who was born first, he or his sister and he said,

"MOM!!! I'm your SON!!!"

Yes, but it was ten years ago, dear.

The survey was a series of yes or no questions
that I had to answer for the "First-born Twin", the "Second-born Twin",
the "Biological Mother of the Twins" and the "Biological Father of the Twins."

There were health questions and behavior questions,
but the best part was a series of four questions at the end:

1. Smoker?
2. Ever convicted of a felony?
3. Participated in dance, cheer or gymnastics for at least one year?
4. Starts fires?

Something about that list just strikes me as odd.



TechnoBabe said...

Good graphic for the last four questions. I have been listening to your music. It is great!

Kulio said...

hey thanks!!

Michelle said...

Maybe the last four questions indicate that it wasn't a "study" per se, but perhaps a casting call for a new television show: "Glee Prison Style."

mrc-w said...

What a crazy/funny series of questions! How does dance/cheer/gymnastics fit in with smoking, felonies, and arson?!?! Are you sure it wasn't a game of "one of these things is not like the others" (remember that from old-school Sesame Street?) How strange! Funny though! :)

Brian Miller said...

cen only give you 2 yes long as you could the campfire i am sitting by as fire starting...intriguing questions...

Kelle said...

ha ha ha! are you kidding? that's hilarious?!

Heidi Lee said...

HILARIOUS!! That is so weirdly weird!

kool kenna said...

haha thats rediculous

Beth said...

So random. I wonder about some of twins they've found for this study.