Monday, November 09, 2009

Ugly Shoes

Middle Child has a savvy fashion sense
and I do not.

Today while shoe-browsing after her orthodontic appointment
I asked,

"Hey do you think these are cute?"

She looked at them,

"For me or for you?"

Okay nevermind.



Brian Miller said...

ouch. i guess one day my boys will be telling me the same. smiles.

kool kenna said...

hahaha. i do that to my mom all the time!!!

Michelle said...

I have those EXACT shoes in a carmelly-brown and have been looking for them in black. I say "yes" to them.

Heidi Lee said...

That is GREAT.

My kids haven't done that to me yet, but I am sure my time is a'comin!

TechnoBabe said...

That was your first mistake, never ask your kid what they think of something you are going to buy, they take all the fun out of it.

Beth said...

My children are always giving me fashion advice. But have you seen some of the stuff that is fashionable these days. I'm not so sure I trust their judgment.

Wilde said...

Oh,that made me laugh right out loud here in the "shh" study hall of GVSU. Thanks!