Monday, October 17, 2011


It's always a little bittersweet when kids grow out of their baby-talk.

Lovely little lisps of guileless imperfection morph
into sophistication and startling clarity in the blink of an eye.

Last night Twin Boy said,
"Oh I forgot, there's a crucial piece of information I left out
about my trip to the cider mill!"

Really? Who talks like that?

On the other hand, within the same hour his twin said to me,
of the yellow game-piece she moved deftly toward the Library:

"Colonial Mustard, with a lead pipe!"

I love twelve years old.



TechnoBabe said...

Your children are very bright. Wonder where they get it.

Brian Miller said...

haha. oh they grow up and speak intelligent...far too intelligent than us...smiles.

Heidi Lee said...

Love it!

mrc-w said...

Hahaha, your kids are great!! Did they go to Uncle John's Cider Mill? That place is so much fun!