Tuesday, October 11, 2011


In the past few months I have dropped my son off at college, driven back and forth to school endless times, joined a soccer league, played music at restaurants, gone to parties, attended a Homecoming game and prepped a girl for the dance, watched volleyball and basketball games, lamented my fantasy football team and cheered for Lions and Tigers.


Students have returned, and lucky for me and my college bill looming, there are more of them than ever. So I'm back to scales and chords and theory.

In a few weeks I get to go see Tony Bennett in concert, celebrate College Boy's 19th birthday, dress kids up for Halloween and create lists and lists and more lists for the Christmas season approaching.

So that is the recap. I might keep writing, or I might just recap again in a few weeks. I never know.

But right now my leg is taped up from a strained calf muscle.
When I feel it tugging, it reminds me that with all the busyness and activity lately, I am still grounded, life is not passing by like a dream.

Achey muscles remind me that I'm still here.



Brian Miller said...

hope the achiness goes away even if it does keep you grounded...hope the upcoming bdays are joyous times....

TechnoBabe said...

You rock! You have a son in college, yet you play in a soccer team. A-ma-zing. Sorry you sprained a calf muscle. Take care. It is always fun when you catch us up in your blog. I know you are relieved to have students rolling in and I wish I could take lessons from you.

Heidi Lee said...

Shoot! I have missed your posts. I am sorry.
I love when you post!