Thursday, February 16, 2012

Names and Unanswerable Questions

Well, my babies are big now.
I have four teenagers.
They are all on Facebook,
they are all web-savvy and properly informed about Stranger-Danger.

And so I hereby Name them:

Michael: (previously The Teenager)
Kara: (aka The Middle Child)
James and Beth: (Twin Boy and Twin Girl)

Well that's done with.

Now on to the letter I received from James' teacher today.
My husband read it to me from behind his computer.
I sat with my hands over my face, shaking my head.

Mr. and Mrs. K,

On James' progress report today, he has a 1 on his Dam Comparison assignment. I'd like to explain that grade.

James did a fine job on the assignment, as did his classroom neighbor. For some reason, and I can't for the life of me make sense of this, James chose to take a large bite (yes, seriously) out of his neighbor's paper. James freely admitted to having bitten the paper. Since the paper was in no shape to be turned in, James was asked to recopy it for the young man to whom the paper actually belonged. He said he would do that and took the paper with him. James was told that if he did not recopy the other paper, the other boy would get his grade, and he would get the 0.

That was a week ago. As of today, James has not recopied the paper, and in fact, he reminded me of that. I put a 1 on the assignment so that I know it was done, but that it was not done correctly - or his part of the assignment was not done.

I hope that makes sense.


Well of course, it makes perfect sense.

I have decided that when he comes home today I will say,

"James, why did you take a bite out of that Dam paper??"



mrc-w said...

Hahahahaha! Oh James! :)

Brian Miller said...

hehe good luck with that kid i worked with snorted chili powder on a dare at the lunch table...go figure...

Diane said...

Haaaaaa - I need to teaach a different subject so I an assign a dam paper!!!