Monday, March 29, 2010

Sometimes My Life is a Movie

This morning on the way to school I think we were all a little tired.
I was thinking of all the stuff I have to do this week,
and regretting shoving my slipper-socked feet into the toes of
Twin Girl's silver princess ballet flats on the way out the door.

In the back of my mind I was thinking as we turned onto Main,
that usually at this point in the drive on a Monday
I am giving a little positive pep talk to everybody,
so that the week starts out right.

But this morning my toes were crunched into those shoes
and my mind was on the busy week ahead, and I felt no inspiration,
no words of encouragement came to me.

Just then, and I promise I am not making this up,
Twin Boy started singing "Don't Stop Believin'",
really softly until he didn't know the words anymore.

Then there was a pause and somebody else started in on the verse,
and everybody gradually joined in, with hushed, sleepy voices,
one picking up the words of the verses where somebody else left off,
until we were all joined together on the chorus:

Don't stop, believin,
Hold on to the feelin!

I dropped them off as the song dwindled out.

Okay, that will do.



TechnoBabe said...

Wonderful family. Good for you. I am going to show this post to my daughter. This is awesome.

Diane said...


Lisa Y. said...

love that your kids know such a great song!!

Kelle said...

I LOVE this post. And I love you.