Wednesday, March 10, 2010


photo courtesy of Kelle Hampton Photography

My cousin is a star.
No, she really is.
She wrote an amazing birth story (here)
and her blog became almost instantly famous around the world.

Although the story is compelling and gut-wrenching and honest and beautiful,
I think people are coming back to the blog
because they have read further into it,
and found that she is just about the most honest girl they've met in a long time.

She kinda lives life starry-eyed.
Expecting the best.
And she takes everything that happens,
and she looks at it from all angles,
until she sees it's best side.
And then she chooses that.

Kelle has always just wanted to live life to the fullest,
whatever it brings her,
and her words inspire the people around her to stop racing through life
and instead,
to remember to celebrate the moments that they have here, now.

I realize, when I read her words, that I really do have what she has - Love.
And it makes me think that I can live it better.
Live my love better.

Love you Kelle.
Can't wait to see you on CNN this Tuesday.
Just smile if you can't think of what to say.
The whole world will smile back.



Kelle said...

Oh, you. It's the middle of the night and I'm wedged into an uncomfortable corner of the couch with a heavy, feverish two-year-old punning me down, and I can't sleep. So I reached for my phone (without dropping her) and started perusing. And came here. And now you made me cry. I love you. This is all so crazy, but the weird thing is, when she was born, that night...I saw this all happening. I knew it was bigger. That it was for a reason, and this strange part of me told me there was a story to be told and that lots of people were going to listen, I just never thought it would be this fast. I'm amazed. Love you.

Brian Miller said...

how cool...smiles.

Kulio said...

Love you Kelle! And I just fixed my links, arrgh. :-)

TechnoBabe said...

I read the blog and sent the link on to my family and others I know. What a loving and heartwarming story. Thank you for sharing your cousin with us.

Lisa Y. said...

Oh my beautiful cousins! How did I end up being related to such wonderful souls?

Heidi Lee said...

Ditto on Lisa's comment!