Friday, April 09, 2010

Hour Glass

I have these jeans.
They are my favorite jeans.
They are so forgiving, and soft, and they look good all the time.
When I gain a few pounds, they still fit.
When I lose a few pounds, I wash them and they fit again.

I love these jeans.

But then my daughter wore them and put a hole in the knee.

I think she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,
but I was still not very happy,
because these jeans have been with me for years.

I knew they were getting old, but hadn't been able to find them in any store,
and that hole propelled me to call the 800 number for Levi's.

The nice woman on the phone said yes they still make them,
and she would send me a pair with no shipping fee.

When they arrived I pulled them right on, right out of the package,
and ahhhh.....they are just the best jeans ever.
And they get softer every year.

Until they wear out.

I stood there in my new jeans, pondering this.

I thought, "One of these days they are going to stop making these jeans."

And then I had the brainstorm of ordering enough jeans to last me the rest of my life!

I thought how great it would be to pull on a fresh pair of my favorite jeans when I am
in my eighties.

So then of course I had to do some math in my head, to figure out how many pairs of jeans I would need to order.

And then I had another thought.

I pictured this tall, orderly pile of plastic-wrapped jeans on the shelf in my closet.

I imagined myself, every few years, pulling out a fresh pair.

And every few years, seeing the pile get a little bit smaller.

So then of course I imagined myself being very protective of my jeans,
carefully preserving each pair, making them last as long as possible,
trying to tweak a few extra months here or there along the way.

And then I thought about how I would feel when I opened up that last pair of jeans.

The last pair.

They will be horribly out of style by then.
But they will be soft and they will still fit.

And I hope that I will wear them out.
I hope I finish up that last pair with a huge hole in the knee.



TechnoBabe said...

What happens if you gain or lose so much weight the jeans won't fit anymore? You probably don't do the yo yo weight thing though like I do. I like this post and the sentiment behind the jeans as well as your mind assessing so many things to get you to through your life with your favorite comfy jeans. Are you going to loan your new jeans to your daughter again?

Heidi Lee said...

I can answer that: my sister is so teeny, when she talks about gaining weight, she really means an ounce or two.

I am happy for you. I am happy they still make those jeans and you got some. If you feel that strongly, you should have just ONE more pair on the top shelf of your closet...just in case.
Do you remember my post about the Caribou Bars? They don't make them anymore. I cried, as silly as it sounds. But food is so important to me, and I am SO picky, that it made me very sad.
A friend of mine found the last boxes made on earth, I am sure..about 40 boxes. She bought them ALL for me. (I paid her back)

Then I found several boxes at a Big Lots..and bought them.

Some are in my pantry and some are in the freezer and I don't eat them every morning so that they last. When I do eat that last one, it will be a sad day.

So I am just saying, if I were you, I'd totally make sure I had a good stock of whatever I loved.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i can so relate to this post. no really. i have just recently lost 3 pair of jeans that all gave out within a week of one really sucks...i gotta shop now and thats terrible...smiles.

mrc-w said...

So funny, Heidi - as I read I was thinking about your Caribou Bars, haha :) Must be a Bill-Cryder-daughters thing, about wanting to stockpile your favorite item :)
I know how you feel though, Heather. I get attached to clothes that I like and then, even when they're all thread-bare I feel sad to get rid of them. I would say go for it, and order 5 extra pairs.

Jingle said...

at times you must face the music!