Monday, September 28, 2009

Tractor Pull

Time for the annual Pedal Pull during Fireman's Field Days in our little town.
This will be the last year that the twins can compete.
We never really stand a chance against those farm guys and gals.
Fun anyway.

I lost track of twin boy, but soon spotted him in a tree.
Silly me, I was looking on the ground.

There he is, waiting anxiously in the 4 Square shirt...

There he goes!

She's so excited!

Good Sports.

Now the real contest begins...the Tractor Pull

This is serious business.

Small Town, U.S.A.


TechnoBabe said...

This is so cool. What fun memories for you all.

Diane said...

What are they pulling? I can't tell in the photos.

Kulio said...

There are weights in a little box hooked to a pulley in the cart behind them. As soon as the box is pulled all the way to the top of the cart, they can stop, it's a "Full Pull" :-) They keep adding weights until someone emerges the winner!

Beth said...

How awesome! I live Hicksville, USA - and we don't have tractor pulls. I feel deprived.

But we do have Seed Spitting Contests. I never win.

Kristy said...

Love farm-related fun.

Heidi Lee said...

Small towns rock. I am glad you had fun.

kool kenna said...

oh cool!! :)