Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grocery II

Just a few comments this morning about grocery shopping:

1. I love shopping at Walmart, because I don't feel like I have to comb my hair or anything before I get there. This isn't a commentary on the people who work or shop at Walmart, it's just the subliminal message Walmart seems to send to all of us, like the good old church tune,

"Come Just As You Are."

2. I saw these Slipper Genies again, (pictured) and stopped to check them out.
Last time I was there my kids begged me to get some for myself. I can just imagine from their point of view what it would be like to have a mother who glides across the floor
in her Slipper Genies to clean it instead of kneeling on hands and knees, muttering to herself.
Such a happy picture.

3. Cereal is way way way way overpriced. Seriously, 7 bucks for two boxes of cereal?? Seriously??
I got oatmeal.

4. Jiffy's Corn Muffin Mix is still one of the best buys around.
I bought 2 boxes. I don't even need any Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix.
I just wanted to buy something that cost 33 cents.

5. I didn't injure myself, but the incident of the day was making a big pen mark on my face with the ballpoint I was holding. I had my cell phone in the same hand and tried to make a quick call.
I spent a couple of minutes hiding in Office Supplies rubbing it off with my finger and some spit.

Have a great day and Happy Grocery Shopping!



Heidi Lee said...

Laughing at the pen mark.
Loved number 4.

And when we go to Wal-Mart, we play "wal-mart bingo" we try to find:
Someone carrying an oxygen tank
A crying baby
A kid wearing pajamas
A mother screaming at her child
A diaper in the parking lot

mrc-w said...

Haha, Heidi, Walmart Bingo is so funny!

Oh, and regarding the Jiffy Mix - isn't it made in Michigan? I think I heard that somewhere, so I always try to buy it instead of the aldi brand corn muffin mix, to support the local economy!

You should've just pretended the pen mark was a hip new tattoo, haha!

Beth said...

Spit has been so underrated for it's cleaning ability.

Love the idea of Wal-Mart Bingo!

Lisa Y. said...

Yep, Jiffy is the best and it is from Michigan. Our school used to take kids to the jiffy plant as a field trip...before budget cuts.

Heidi Lee said...

Last year I just took a field trip with Sophie to the Jiffy place. Cool.