Friday, July 17, 2009

How I Do It

Let's say you have to fill in a form
regarding the number of hours driven for Driver's Ed,
the number of minutes read for the library summer program,
or the amount of time spent studying your spelling list each week.

Let's just say that you hadn't been completely diligent
in keeping these records along the way,
but you are really, really, mostly sure that
the numbers you are filling in are nearly and probably mostly accurate.

Let's just say that you fill that form out in one sitting,
like before you dash out the door to school,
or idling in the library parking lot or whatever.

I feel it is useful to use several different color pens,
crayon or pencil to fill in the circles,
varying the style of your shading -
sometimes on the diagonal from left to right,
sometimes right to left, and sometimes in a circular manner.
No more than three circles filled in with one color at a time.

It lends credibility to the completed form.

This is my method.



Beth said...

Ha! I'm turning you in to the form police.

Also, I do something similar when backdating forms. I'll sign some in black (with my neat handwriting), some in blue (with messier writing), and some in a blue-black ink (with serial killer handwriting).

Kulio said...


okay, that was really really funny.

Diane said...

Is this anything like waiting until 2 weeks before your dentist appt. to begin flossing so they'll think you flossed all along?

Cause I would never think of doing that.

Michelle said...

Excellent. One less thing I can check off the "don't be guilty about that list." Thanks for sharing this - and for writing is so excellently excellent. I thought I was the only one.

Wilde said...

I quit taking my kids to a certain dentist where they were regularly demeaned about not flossing whilst being honest! The new dentist's office has a sports bar atmosphere--in EACH cubicle. You can imagine the hygienists are pretty laid back. Hahaha--not kidding!

Kelle said...

Lauging hard.
You are so a Cryderman.