Friday, June 12, 2009

Thanks, Man

A special thank you goes out tonight
to the man who said, "G'bye Dan,"
before he walked out the back door of the music store today.

Dan leaned his head out and said, "Hey, aren't you Kulio?"
when I knocked on the repair room doorjamb to
get somebody's attention, and to ask if Chauncey was around.

He remembered my name.

I met him once a long time ago and he did me a big favor by
fixing my speaker cords for free,
and another time he took apart my amp and almost saved it,
apologizing that he couldn't.

Such a nice guy,
stuck back there in the dark workroom,
the kind of guy who doesn't get a lot of praise or recognition for his talent.

And I could not remember his name.

But the man who was just leaving,
he said it aloud, and shook Dan's hand,
with manners and kindness.


"Hey Dan,"
I said,
and we chatted for a little while.

Thank you, wherever you are.



Heidi Lee said...

Oh Heather, that is sweet.

Wilde said...


Brent said...

Cool, very cool!