Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Special Day

Odd circumstances created a sudden dilemma:
three of the children were destined for Cedar Point,
and one was left out.

I asked boy twin, "Do you want to go too?"

"Or would you like to stay home and have a special day with me?"

He did not hesitate.
Special Day.

Now my idea of a special day would be to wake slowly,
loll in bed, sip coffee and stay in our pajamas for too long.
We would walk the dog downtown to get ice cream.
We would read books companionably, side by side on the couch.
We would inspect the garden together,
eat lunch on the deck, and chat about important things.

My idea was not the same as twin boy's idea.

He made a list.

And this is what we did...

Target cafe, for pb&j, slushy, coffee and a muffin:

Action figure and Hot Wheels browsing.
Water balloons purchase.
IMAX theatre, to see Night at the Museum II.
19 holes of Miniature Golf:

10 tokens spent at an Arcade:

Breakfast at IHOP (3pm).
Lake Lansing Park:

French Fries and Cheerios for supper.
A game of Scrabble (he won).
A walk downtown with the dog for ice cream.

He thinks we should have a Special Day more often.
I think...
that I will sleep well tonight.



mrc-w said...

Aw, sounds like fun! What is that crazy game twin boy was playing at the arcade? It looks like a time machine :)

Kristy said...

I just love this post.
My fave part was the "Action Figure and Hot Wheels browsing".
I giggled out loud.

And I love that you rolled with all of it...including the french fries and Cheerios for supper.


Kulio said...

It was so much fun to just be with one child and to carefully inspect those action figures, ask him questions about them. Funny.

And the time machine was this electronic jump-rope -- you stand on a pad and when the light comes around you jump!

bk said...


that sounds so much fun. sounded like a great day! we missed you at cedarpoint. we were walking around and i thought "oh, they would like that ride." as i walked past rides like the iron dragon.

wish you were there!

~ beth

Kulio said...

I missed you too!

Iron Dragon, huh...hmmm...

Diane said...

I love the breakfast at iHOP at 3 pm. Funny - when Kenna was 11 or so I took her shopping for a special day and let her choose lunch. You guessed it - IHOP. What is it with that place?

Heidi Lee said...

Heather, if you don't think you can ride Iron Dragon...don't ever go. Thats probably the slowest ride there. I think I could do my nails riding that one.

What a fun day for you and James. I love it. I loved seeing everything you did. This will be a memory with his mom he will never forget! He picked YOU over CEDAR POINT!! Thats awesome!!

KEK said...

ha ha, ya Iron Dragon is literally the ONLY Roller coaster I can go on. Seriously! i'm more of a small make your stomach tingle ride kinda girl.

Glad you had fun with james! Sounds like you guys had a blast! Love ya!