Thursday, January 08, 2009


My New Year's resolution is to clean out the bedroom.
Everything: closet, bathroom, under the bed, things stacked in corners.

I want to get rid of the seven pair of jeans that I own
that I wish still fit me.
I want to get rid of the leather jacket that was brand new
six years ago when I ripped it.
(I've been meaning to get that repaired.)
I want to get rid of the itchy sweater that looks nice
but feels terrible.
And the mint green suit that was in style for about 3 seconds
back in 2002. It was expensive and rarely worn.
It needs to be set free.

I have boxes labeled "Ebay" and "Donate" and huge garbage bags at the ready.
I will toss brand new lipsticks (I have never worn lipstick),
and extra links to the wristband of a watch that I never wear.
(I guess I kept them in wrist grew?)

I will throw away pins.
The kind that you place decoratively on the yoke of your denim jumper.
I never have, and never will, own a denim jumper.
A gingerbread man pin. A fancy "K". A tiny grand piano.
Why do I own these?

I will take the curtain rod out from under my bed.
I will make a decision about it. Will I hang a curtain on it?
Or is it worth the safety I feel, knowing it is under there,
in case I should have to club an intruder with it?

I will get rid of various and sundry items in the bedroom,
and feel a little lighter every day because of it.

It will take me a year.

Wish me luck.



mrc-w said...

Good luck! I secretly love getting rid of things, haha, doesn't that sound bad? But I don't like clutter and I only want to keep trinkets if they are really meaningful. It always feels good to take a big bag/box to goodwill. My strategy is to keep a box on the attic stairs for goodwill and then when I get something new, I try to put one thing in the box and then when it is full, off it goes. Whoa this post got long, sorry if I'm

Kristy said...

Bravo, Kulio!

We do a purge every year and it feels SO GOOD...

You take a little trip down memory lane as you pack things up...and then you never really think about them again after that. You're left with extra space and clothes that actually FIT and make you feel good while you wear them. And you provide someone else with something they want or need, too.

Win, win, win.

Lisa Y. said...

I LOVE getting rid of stuff! I try to do it each season, but of course I'm a wanna-be perfectionist so it works out to 2-3 times a year. Taking a big bag to resale and goodwill and it feels so good! It only works for me if I make it a one-day project for a room. If I stop I'll take forever to pick it back up.

Kulio said...

Oh so many good thoughts! Thanks - I like the attic box for

Michelle said...

Hey K,
You won the contest on my blog about "Girlfriend Christmas Cards" - that was brilliant.
Good luck with the clean out.

Heidi Lee said...

Hahahahaha..."denim jumper"

Hey wait...didn't I give you a fancy K? hee-hee!

cjs said...

I'm laughing.

loved this post...the watch links, lipsticks, pins, and of course, the word, sundry.

and I love you.

so love you, in fact.

bernthis said...

If you succeed, please call my sister and let her know it CAN be done.

bernthis said...

If it works, please call my sister and let her know it can be done.