Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wish I Had Written This


Before the pen drops...
Before the color stains...

Before the sound breaks
the silent night,
there is that moment,
where we sit with
our hearts,
our limbs
bound by imaginary ropes
of our own making.

Be brave creative souls.
Choose to be unbound.
Choose to create with
and passion.
Choose to cut through
the threads of self-doubt,
the paralysis of perfection.

Use your hands,
your eyes,
your voice
to keep God's creative force alive.
It is your gift to the world
and to God.

Embrace this unbinding,
and watch yourself
fly free.

Wanderings & Ponderings by Lisa Dunlap


Michelle said...

Thanks for bringing this to the party.

Lisa Yik the Chick said...

Love love love this! And you for sharing it!

Michelle said...

Hey you!
Re: Nalo book.
I can only guarantee you'll enjoy the Nalo book up until the end of the funeral part at the beginning. book. I'll post some questions up on my blog about the book on a blog post and then you and she can revisit the questions. Oui? ou Non?

cjs said...


love that.