Friday, May 30, 2008


There is something about that first day of summer that you can feel in your face. Something relaxes. No more schedules. No more alarm clocks. No tests to study for and forms to sign and return.

Windows open all night long.
The train at midnight, blasting loud and long but so far away it's only a faint reminder of the world that still exists outside of my dreams. I smile and sink back in.
The morning, the birds.
Opening my eyes to the sound of the pad, pad, pad of the lone early runner down our country road.
A new whole day all stretched out, cool but never cold - then later, hot, slowing us.
Green things growing, the whole earth moving and changing and waking up to live.
Coffee on the front porch.
Children all within my grasp. Finally, bored. Finally, weaned from television and the constant noise of school they slow and spread out within themselves. They become wider and deeper because the days are about hours now. They are no longer pressed thin to fit into the sliced-up minutes of a busy day. They think, and dream, and draw.

So do I.


Joann said...

Sounds like bliss! We still have two more weeks of school, tho. I love your phrase, "...they slow and spread out within themselves." Perfect. Loving you.

cjs said...

"...opening my eyes to the sound of the pad, pad, pad of the lone early runnder down our country road..." I think I am salivating...

the best part truly is children all within our grasp.

oh, I loved loved this.

kool kenna said...

yay summer!

Molly said...

Mmmmm, isn't summer the best? Even though I understand the arguments for it, and they get a lot of two-week breaks, I would hate to go to year-round school. There is just something magical about summer break!