Friday, May 02, 2008

Basil Update

I transplanted ten of them today into little clay pots.
I hope I didn't kill them.
Who would like a basil plant???


Momma played Bass.... said...

hee hee! I actually bought a little pot of basil this week - it has like 4 plants. I wonder if that will be enough to atually make any food with?

YOu look so organized.

Joann said...


Kulio said...

J - You got it babe.

MPB - Tell me how your plants work out!!!

Molly said...

Jon and I would love a basil plant!! They look great by the way!

Kelle said...

I wanna grow basil now! Love the talent show pics too!

Lisa Yik the Chick said...

You should use them as center pieces for the shower and then raffle them off! :) Or just make a lot of basil-ish food.