Friday, May 09, 2008

Countdown to the Shower

Having lots of people over to my house!
Invitations and everything!

The husband is alarmed that I haven't cleaned much. Dust and stuff.
But I'm waiting for that adrenaline rush that comes when you only have a few hours left. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

There'll be that moment of panic, and then it'll be a crisis for an hour, and then it will be over and time to party.
Way better than dragging the whole cleaning thing out over several days don't you think?

Me too.


First UMC said...

WAY better. Who's the shower for?

The invitations are really, really pretty.

Kulio said...

Thanks! My cousin Molly! She's getting married this month - can't wait!

cjs said...

wish I could have been there.

and I know exactly what you mean about waiting for the adrenaline rush. It's really the only way, isn't it?

Lisa Yik the Chick said...

What a great shower! And your house is perfect for entertaining, great layout and great atmosphere...relaxed and welcoming. Thanks for opening up your home for us!

Lisa Yik the Chick said...

Missed you Carin...and Kelle...and Dahna...and Mary...ok, I better stop!

Molly said...

Thank you so much for the awesome shower!!! I loved every minute of it :) :) :) I have such a great family!

cjs said...

looking for you.