Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Ends Of Things

I use up the ends of things.
Like toothpaste. When it gets difficult to squeeze out,
someone opens a new tube.
I use that old tube, squeezing out every last drop.
That old, flattened toothpaste tube becomes my very own
personal paste because nobody else will wrestle with it.
I use it until the new tube gets flat.

Same with slivers of soap.
Same with an inch of morning orange juice left in the cup.
Same with pizza crusts.

I'm like this big hungry Hoover that roams the house using up
all the Restuvit.

"Here, Mom, you can have the restuvit," they say.

The husband has been living in Detroit for nearly two months, training
for his new job. He's back for good now, and he brought with
him all these tiny little shampoos from the hotel.

What's cool about them, is that they are brand new.
I am the very first one to use them, and I am the very last one to use them also.
It's like I have this very satisfying, full and complete relationship
with a product in my home.

Together from beginning to end.


Diane said...

I didn't realize husband has been gone for the last two months! I'm so self-absorbed and I apologize.

I love those little sample bottles - although its next to impossible to get the last bit of shampoo out of them. My oldest told me that their school is collecting them for the old-folks home. I was actually a little defensive about my little bottles being taken! (I keep them in the guest bath).

But tell me - why would old folks want all those little bottles of shampoo???

Kulio said...

True - arthritis, failing about dangerous...


Yeah he's been gone, home a few days, gone for 6, etc...blah!!

Glad he's back!

cjs said...

I love, love, love restuvit!

Kulio said...

ha - thanks! I love made-up words. The above "diane" and I made up the word, "Loshema" (pronounced Low-sheh-meh) in the
7th grade. It means, "that feeling you have, when you're all dressed up, and you feel like you're pretty." ha. I have no idea how we chose that word.

Annie said...

I'm the same way (restuvit)! Fun to read about someone else like me that way. I've recently started reading your blog (reading the past since you haven't posted since 7/22/2010 : )