Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Up at 5:30am.
No lights on except for the tree, and the village, and the outside Christmas lights.
I have stuff going through my head.

NPR report/interview about Sweeney Todd
Douglas Coupland's JPod
The order of Christmas present openings, to avoid clues that would spoil surprises.
Making a deal to buy each other one present only, which the husband has broken and I just now know about.
Solo on Footprints and new bassline for Stolen Moments.
Don't forget the low C at the end of the Schumann chorale.
What else am I forgetting?
When is it too late to remember?
Glowsticks at the candlelighting service and how much that just wrecks the whole thing for me.
The Big Present I am so excited about.
Fish and the Nutrition Action newsletter.
My children do not eat enough vegetables.
The refrigerator is disgusting. But it's low on my list.
Forgot to pay my Visa.
What else am I forgetting?
Sent about two Christmas cards and then got bored with it. How lame is that?
What else haven't I done?

Coffee buzz, ahhh.
It's morning and dark and quiet and I am alone for now.
Blank sheet of paper.
Making a list for the day.


Kelle said...

Better get on those Christmas cards...I wait for yours. It makes me happy. But so does your blog.

Molly said...

That's a lot of things on your mind!

Anonymous said...

As long as your hair doesn't look like Sweeney Todd's, I think you're on top of your game! =)

riahbell said...

its a wonder you dont blow up with all that bouncing around your head.
I cant wait to see you at the lodge!


Kulio said...

haha, I send Christmas cards out in little dribbles. And right now I'm thinking a Sweeney Todd hairdo is gonna be SWEET if it looks intentional. Rarely does....