Thursday, November 22, 2007


I am home alone in the quiet after Thanksgiving Day.
The children and the husband are staying overnight,
and I am home
because the dog needs me.

I have been working,
for two hours straight.
speaking aloud,
uninterrupted in my flow of thought.

I might be tempted to think that it would
be nice to work like this all of the time.

But I think that without the Others,
I would only begin to talk to myself more and more.
And eventually, the conversation being uncontested on every front,
I would stop talking.
And then writing.
And then moving.
And then breathing.

It's quiet in this house.

It's better with them here.


Michelle said...

I love that you wrote about this back-and-forth with creating and having commitments.

It was that kind of morning for me as well.

AND - so glad to hear you finished E.R. Next must read: J-Pod. You might not stop laughing. Also: you might wonder (as do I) why so many pastors and Donald Miller quote Douglas. Interesting, right?

kool kenna said...

yeah i know what you mean. its good to have it quiet sometimes but being tooooo quiet is bad. cant wait til the lodge

cjs said...

I'm a lover of quiet and an empty house...until I see reminders of those I love...the harry potter book sitting on the couch, the naked baby doll waiting to be dressed...clifford on TV...sweet remnants of play and little lives.

it's good to be a mom.

twenty six more days until we sit around in patio chairs...munching on crackers and cheese, salted ham that won't go bad...passing babies back and forth...basking in the love of family. I can't wait!!

cjs said...

by the way...still looking for the aliens. having trouble spotting them. drawing attention as I look this way...that way...under the bathroom...behind the counters...on the ceiling...

Crydo said...


Michelle said...

where are you?
e-mail me at: