Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

An avocado, spinach, fried egg, siracha sauce grilled pita sandwich
First coffee of the day
A good night's sleep
The noon emergency siren
The 2am train whistle
Warm weather
Rainy weather
A clean kitchen
Weddings with dancing
A free day
Walking into Goodwill
A foot massage
Depositing checks
Getting texts
Smiling kids
Mailing a letter
McDonald's coffee, large, 5 creams
When my students practice
Going to the movies
Having a supper plan
Checking my garden
Free food
Practicing music
Walking at night
Open windows and breezes
Holding my dog
Dressing up
People who talk slowly and listen deeply
Flying in an airplane
Crossing things off lists
Not being finished with a really good book yet


Brian Miller said...

nice...great list...many on there we def share...

mrc-w said...

I LOVE the emergency siren (when they're testing it, not actual emergencies, haha)!!!

Kulio said...

It goes off every day at noon in Webberville! haha, it kind of prompts me that the school day is half over, I better get with the program :-)

Heidi Lee said...

What a nice list!