Monday, March 12, 2012


We took a walk, the first one in a long while,
and he was telling me how changeful I am.

He said,
"Remember how you proclaimed that we were all going to be vegetarians and then you made us all quit eating meat?"

Yeah I remember. That one lasted 2 years.
And there have been other short-lived proclamations.

I think it might be hard to be the child of a wandering soul,
especially when you're a black-and-white sort of person.

I said,
"Yes, I start new things all the time. It's one of the best things about me!
And one of the worst."

I keep something from everything I leave behind.
A little remnant of knowledge.
A healthy habit or a painful bruise.

I imagine myself, at the end of life,
a patched-up conglomeration of everything I've tried.
Maybe a beautiful mosaic, maybe a piece of trash-art.
Depending on how you look at it.

It's easier to be the child of a scheduled constant.
It's easier to live under the roof of someone who never contradicts himself, never changes direction. Keeps to the safe road.

But I look at my children and all four have somehow survived
my neglectfulness or my hovering,
my inability to stick to a plan,
my confusing mix of strictness and lenience.

I think it's because, beyond the erratic mealtimes and the abandoned projects
is one unscheduled constant:


I think, if you can give your child that,
along with a huge bucket of humor to wash over everything,
then you've done alright.

I've done alright.



Annie said...

Amen to this. YES!

Brian Miller said... conquers much too...and that is what is truly important any

Diane said...


I remember my Mom making us give up sugar once when we were growing up. We had rhubarb pie with NO SUGAR. I cannot emphasize how bad it was.

But now its a wonderful memory for us..'remember that rhubarb pie?'. Its a shared experience.

It's all good.