Friday, July 16, 2010


I've been wearing my MoMA tshirt around the house today
and when I looked in the mirror just now it said plain as day:

"A MoM"




TechnoBabe said...

What a cool shirt. Your best view of what is says is in the mirror. You are a great mom.

mrc-w said...

I love MoMA! And you, "A MoM" :)

Brian Miller said...

lol. that way every time you look in the mirror...nice.

Wilde said...

Love that! Reminded me of a funny story . . . I'd complimented a friend of mine on a new, white sweatshirt that had a designer blue print/motif with sailboats and labeled lighthouses. She said, "Oh, I only paid a couple of
dollars for it at an outlet." I remarked that maybe it was because all the printing was backwards. She was shocked, then doubled over in laughter. She hadn't noticed because she'd been looking in the mirror. Sometimes mirrors show the best view! xo

Heidi Lee said...

And a wonderful mama you are!