Sunday, July 04, 2010

An Old Post I Forgot To Post

The Teenager was SO not into it tonight when the twins wanted to play Charades
and escaped to his room.

A little bit later he emerged and we threatened him with all sorts of stuff
in order to get him to play.

Then we said he could leave if he just performed ONE Charade,
so he stood up and had us guessing and yelling for a full three minutes
before I realized he was just doing random things.

I started to get mad, but then I had to laugh.
The other kids were having such a good time yelling out guesses
and he just kept accumulating props, racing around the room
earnestly motioning to them with each one.

You really had to be there.
The yelling, the laughter,
his whole obstinate charade of Not Participating,
resulting in the weirdest pantomime ever.

He had a dog sweater on his head,
a red mixing bowl on top of that, an Ov Glove on one hand, a spatula in the other,
high-stepping across the living room just to thrill and confuse his younger siblings.

Thrills and happy confusion abounded.

It's a pretty good way to spend a Friday night.



Brian Miller said...

haha. passive aggressive eh? smiles. sounds like a wonderful fun moment...

KEK said...

That was such a fun night!!


TechnoBabe said...

Sounds like an excellent way to spend a Friday night, in fact any night. It sounds like fun at your house.

Cammie said...

Sounds fun! At my house my teenager probably would have done the same! What a great memory you created though! Made me smile! :)