Friday, January 22, 2010

Keeping An Eye On The Situation

Twin girl got a necklace from Nick the other day.

A gift.

Her friends informed her that
"those diamonds aren't real".

Really now.

Twin boy's take on the subtleties of

"If a boy teases you,
that means he likes you.

And if a girl asks you to chase her,
that means she likes you."

This pretty much sums up love in the 5th grade.

And yet apparently Nick seems not so subtle.




mrc-w said...

Hahaha, that's hilarious! "Those diamonds are not real!" hahahaha :)
Eli would kill me if he read this, but I remember when he was in about 5th grade, he took my bottle of "exclamation" perfume and gave it to a girl he liked, hahaha!

TechnoBabe said...

Good graphic for the subject. Ah, first love. Even at that age someone wants to put a damper on a joyful moment huh.

Kulio said...

haha! I can just see him foraging for something to give her :-)

I remember exclamation! It was so cool and came in a bottle with an exclamation point built in, haha.

Brian Miller said...

hmmm...definitely keep an eye on it...and 5th

Beth said...

I think I like Nick and his lack of subtleties.

Wilde said...

That is sooo funny! When Eli was in about ninth grade, I complimented a friend of his on an arty silver band she was wearing. As the words left my mouth, I realized, I had one very similar, even exactly like it. I forgot about it, but later, when he bought her one from the silversmith at the county fair, the "placeholder" ring reappeared in the dish on my dresser. :o)