Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wild Thing

So last night I was out walking in the dark,
in the warm, wet night,
and I was feeling soooo sad about nothing in particular.

Maybe I was feeling sorry for myself
because the wind was whipping my hair everywhere,
and the rain was falling on my face
and I was all alone.

Who knows where these mysterious moods originate?
Usually a nice long walk zaps them.
But this time, the more I walked,
the worse I felt.

Coming back home,
seeing the house all lit up,
I didn't want to go back in,
and that is a very, very bad sign.

Emergency measures must be taken
when one is reluctant to go back home.

Three children inside,
in their jammies,
late getting to bed
because mama is walking way too long...

So I opened the front door and hollered.

"Get your shoes on!"

The older one recognized the drill and
helped monitor the confusion of the twins,
who were concerned with unimportant details
like whether they had to wear a jacket,
change into real clothes
or whether slippers counted as shoes (they do).

Once they appeared - more or less clothed -
I said, "Ready-set-go!" faster than they could process
and dashed toward the backyard.
They tailed me, not wanting to get left behind
in the creepy pre-Halloween black of night.

We tore for the back field and cut through
Gillespie's backyard for the subdivision.

We ran down the road with our arms held straight up in the air
for absolutely positively no reason except that
we were wearing pajamas and slippers in October
at 10pm and it seemed like a crazy thing to do.

Then we came back and played Popowitch in the yard,
hiding behind trees and screaming.

The warm wind was glorious,
the rain and the dark felt dangerous
and when we fell in the front door laughing,
it felt so good to be home.



Beth said...

Your kids are so darn lucky to have you as their mom!

TechnoBabe said...

Your sense of adventure must be a saving grace in times of stress. It must be fun living in your house.

Dale & Liz said...

Aunt Liz and I are inspired by your blog. Just as soon as the trick-or-treaters quite, we're going to run around the neighbood, hands in the air and screaming.

Call 911 !

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i am sure they needed that as much as you did. great job mom.

Kristy said...

You're awesome. You really are. I'm going to steal this one.


Kelle said...

i love this post. that is the bestest moment ever.

Michelle said...

- choked up -

GrandpaC said...

That is so "Heather" Taking a down moment and making it an "up" one.

You are a great Mom, Heather and as a result you have great kids!

Oh, and Matt's not so bad either.


Diane said...

love it!

What's a popowitch?