Friday, October 30, 2009


Last night on an emergency run to the grocery store,
I walked by the display of Halloween cupcakes from the bakery.

Then I walked back to them.

I looked at the cool green witch's finger on the top of each one.

I looked in my cart
at the cake mix,
the frosting,
the baking cups,
the decorations.

I did math in my head.

And I realized with sudden clarity
that $15 for 36 cupcakes,
the night before the school Halloween party
is really money well-spent.



TechnoBabe said...

Sometimes it does pay to put out a little extra for already made treats especially like you say, the night before....
Hope you and your family enjoy your Halloween weekend.

Michelle said...

And you got it done the night before. Good on you!
I was running around at 8 a.m on a school morning looking for Saskatchewan Roughrider gear as it was
"Green and White Day at school." WHAT???? I ended up buying a t-shirt nine sizes too big - cutting (?) the bottom off and he didn't want to wear it anyway.
Hope your cupcakes were a huge hit. Happy Halloweening.

Brian Miller said...

lol. wise choice. love the cupcakes in the looks like they have frilly collars! hope ou have agreat halloween!

mrc-w said...

Yeah, good decision! Your time is priceless! I just got a big ol' bag of tootsie-pops for my students - nothing fancy, haha!

Beth said...

I'm not really good with Math, but that sounds right. You are a genius!

Diane said...

I have never made cupcakes.

Not once.

And yes - I still call myself a mother.