Thursday, August 13, 2009


A few days ago, we felt the storm coming.
So we went out onto the front porch and watched it blow in.
The trees bending with wind gusts,
lightning flashing, the air growing still again, sky slightly green...

We stayed out there until the power went off,
and then trickled inside to light candles and wait for bedtime.

I got my guitar and the children grabbed theirs and we each played something.
And we really listened, enjoying each other.
Because there was nothing else to draw us away.

Then we started singing a made-up song,
and twin boy invented a little descant,
and we kept singing it over and over,
making little changes each time.

And it went something like this:

Summer rain is falling down.
And it lights up the night sky.
We count one-two-three, Mississippi.

She is scared, and wants to go inside.
But we beg her to stay for a little while.
And we count one-two-three, Mississippi.

In the darkness we play our guitars.
And we watch the candles burn down.
We count one-two-three, Mississippi.

Autumn soon,
Winter next,
Spring then,
Summer now.

Summer now.
One-two-three, Mississippi.
Summer now.
One-two three, Mississippi.



KEK said...

I really really like that song!!


mrc-w said...

Love your song! Move over Von Trapps, haha ;)

Diane said...

So sweet.....ALMOST makes me wish my power would go out.

I have that same Christopher Parkening book and I always tease my former guitar teacher about it....because he's going to a Parkening workshop and I am pretty sure the the guy will have a glowing halo-light from behind his head.

Beth said...

What a great way to build a memory!

Lisa Y. said...

Must record that song. I NEED to hear it!!!