Sunday, August 09, 2009


We've had tadpoles living in an outdoor plastic "pond",
and recently have begun letting them go 'cuz they're jumping out.

Freedom is a scary thing.

But new friends await.


Heidi Lee said...

Your kids are having quite the blast this summer.

I love it all. I love reading about everything!

Today I went running and counted 20..yes TWENTY dead frogs on the road. They were teeny, like the ones you let sad...but also made me gag at the same time.

Diane said...

Ewww...that reminds me of a time driving down Sears Road with Jeff - I think we were just dating then. It had just rained and there were frogs EVERYwhere on that road....and they kept making a squishing sound.


KEK said...

aw, that's sad, aunt heidi!!
mom love the pic of the other frog.. :P


Beth said...

I love frogs! How cool that they could actually live in a plastic pond. In Georgia, they would have boiled and turned into frog soup.

mrc-w said...

That's so much fun! We used to catch frogs and put them in our little paddle-pool, but they always hopped out, haha :)