Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lost Things

Today I am no longer blue.
I just returned from Kohl's where I lost my Kohl's credit card.
I had it in my hand, and then I didn't have it in my hand.

I rifled through my bags, my pockets, my purse.

I stood in line at Customer Service, with things to return,
and explained what happened to the nice lady at the counter.
She perkily asked for my last name,
and said she'd check but if I had just lost it, it probably wouldn't be back there yet.
Then she reached into the secret lost-but-found things drawer
and pulled it out.

"Today is your lucky day!" she said.

I couldn't believe it, and said,
"Wow, somebody was really honest to return that."

She said, "Oh yes, they usually do get turned in."

Lost things, returned by strangers.

I needed to hear that good news.


Heidi Lee said...

That IS neat. I love when people are honest like that. Very cool Heather. A nice way to end your day!

KEK said...

that's sweet mom!
ya it IS good that they didn't just keep it!

Kristy said...

Hooray for honest people!

Remember this, the next time you think there aren't decent people left in the world.

Clearly, there are.