Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Germ Party

The boy scout went to a special dinner last night with his dad.
Big awards ceremony, and a fine menu consisting of
Chinese Food.

When I asked him this morning what he ate, he said,

"Well a hotdog for lunch yesterday at school, and then two hotdogs at the dinner, and then I had some of that chicken with the sweet red sauce, and then I tried one of these rolls but it had vegetables inside of it and I didn't like it very much, and then I had some chips and pop. Oh and a cupcake."

So I can't imagine why he threw up at midnight last night,
bringing the total of gastro-intestinal illnesses for us this winter
up to a whopping five.

I'm tired of nocturnal visits to the toilet to hold back somebody's hair,
or commiserate when it just won't come up.
Making beds on the hard bathroom tile.
Wiping down doorknobs and bathroom fixtures to kill the elusive germs
before somebody else gets it.

And the middle child is on a field trip to the symphony today,
followed by a trip to Caesarland.
The husband calls that place a veritable Petri dish of infectious material.
I begged her to wash her hands, but it seems almost futile at this point.
We will have another slight thaw, and germs everywhere will start addressing their invitations.

Apparently, we are accepting without discretion this year.

I will stock up on saltines, Vernors and chicken broth.


Lisa Yik the Chick said...

HI, Heather! Loved the germy post! We're dealing with it here too. The daycare kids bring it over, we all get it and then the cycle repeats. Another reason to hope for spring. Fresh and sunshine, the best antibiotic ever! Take care and heal quick, young Kulaga!

Molly said...

Ewww Caesarland, hahaha, that place is SOOOO germy! I hope she doesn't get sick!!

Unka Rik said...

Your grandmother made us "milk toast" when we were sick. It was her elixer for all things. It was toasted bred lying like a fat man in a pool, in a bowl of warm milk. It had pepper on it...I don't know why. We wouldn't like it, but we would eat it. We are alive today. Perhaps it works. Good luck. I have also watched as my little ones, years ago, worshiped the porcelain god in the dark of a night that seemed to last too long.

Kelle said...

It's helpless...there's nothing you can do! Might as well make little germ beds and welcome them in your home...make them cookies and read them stories, cuz they do what they want! We degerm everything...Brett's the KING of germophobes, and yet we have three bad coughs, a sinus infection and THRUSH in our house right now. Ew.

Jan said...

"eww,yuk,sick, I mean really". That's one of our favorite lines from Ice Age - you know when the sloth changes the baby's diaper. I have spent many a night holding back hair over the toilet as well. No fun. But, that too shall pass! And all those germs make us better equipped to fight it next time. God gave our bodies the remarkable ability to heal - yea!!!

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