Friday, February 15, 2008

All In One Day

Things That Happened Yesterday, A List:
The big sister painted a red heart on the little sister's cheek in the morning.
I bounced a superball so high that it hit the ceiling twice in one throw.
The dog bit off the Barbie's leg, and I found her with gauze wrapped around the stub.
The boy twin made his Valentine Box by himself in 5 minutes before school because I forgot.
I used hot-curls to fix the girls' hair for the Daddy-Daughter Dance.
I got five valentines.
I threw my coat over my face in the high school hallway to avoid embarassing my son by my presence, naturally attracting a bit more attention by trying to avoid it.
I startled a choir director by not knocking before I walked into the choir room.
I shook hands with somebody who made me cry last Saturday and let bygones be-gones.
I took the boys to Angel's Cafe for supper.
The boy twin poured sugar all over his french fries by mistake and just shrugged when his food was wrecked.
The oldest boy shared his supper with the boy twin and wasn't stingy.
I played BlackJack and Crazy Eights.
The boy twin and I played a duet on a marimba.
One of the children signed their valentine to me, "Sincerely," and it made me laugh.
I got gas for under 3 bucks a gallon.

I just wanted to make a list so I'd remember.


Molly said...

That's so funny about the "sincerely" on the Valentine! Glad you guys had a fun holiday :)

Michelle said...

Listened to the band. Wow. WOW! Thank you for sharing that with me.
And, I really liked this list. I hope that day just felt so good. It sure read like a good day.


Unka Rik said...

I love your list...each celebrates life in it's simple beauty and reverent normalcy. Your home must be so very special. Your children show that--they are creative, confident and compassionate.

Kelle said...

That list made me laugh out loud. My favorite was Barbie's gauzy stub. And letting bygones be bygones. I have to do that too sometime. Keep writing. LOVE your mind.

kool kenna said...