Thursday, May 24, 2007

Buddy Bolts

And he's off!

Someone has left the door to the garage open a half-second longer than necessary, without the required body-blocking of the space to keep our mini dachsund from hurtling himself through and out to freedom.

The entire family explodes from the house - I follow the distressed middle child, who chases him toward the road, not noticing that he keeps looking back to see if she is continuing the game....the girl twin skips along happily with us, slightly worried but mostly excited from the drama, the boy twin is already in the front yard, beelining it, glancing down to be sure his stride is indeed as lightning fast as he thinks he is....the husband trips out the front door and hollers as they near the driveway, and the oldest avoids running over the dog with the mower, jumps off and joins the fray.

From the back of the pack, I yell, "Stop CHASING HIM!" and somehow, after three or four tries, they hear me over their own cries of joy and terror, and stop. Buddy immediately lays down on his tummy and wags his tail, ready to re-ignite the chase with any encouragement. He lays still long enough for someone to pick him up, and when we all turn back, relieved, that's when we see our neighbors up on the hill.

It seems we have achieved a standing ovation in only about 45 seconds this evening! "Yeay for the Show!" they call from their deck. Waving back, I say,

"be back in about a half-hour folks."

and we probably will.


Lorio said...

You know... I think Michael is the coolest...

Just popped into my head.

MathGeek said...

You know what. Michael is the coolest. I wonder why it is taking so long for everybody to figure that.