Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So I'm used to getting rejection emails, and this one was pretty typical.  I had over-bid our band's fee, and I was expecting them to decide that "your band is not a good fit for us".

What I didn't expect, from the same address, was another email, inviting me to display my culinary talents at the festival pre-party.  Here's the email: 

I am following up on an e-mail sent a few months ago regarding Heather Cakes participating in the Townie Street Party, and providing your wonderful cake at the Terrace.

I am hoping you have had time to consider this, so I am attaching a contract.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Well, this was a mistaken email -- apparently my email address was on file for the band and the organizer connected me to the owner of "Heather Cakes".  

My wheels started turning.  (My extended family will understand this completely)
I didn't think about how this was sent to the wrong person.  
The contract had my attention, and a series of thoughts flew through my mind:

I wonder how much it pays?  I did get a lot of compliments on those triple-layer mini cupcakes I made for the recital.  What if I painted a little HC monogram onto a baker's apron and took a bunch of cupcakes to the party...I have a contract, I'm totally legit!

After reading the contract, that was basically about providing between 4-600 pieces to the party and the payment was free advertisement for my non-existent company, I made an announcement to the room.  (Consisting of my oblivious husband reading the paper and the dog)

"This is SO not worth my time."

Matt nodded and the dog snapped at a fly.  

I just smiled at the email for awhile.

I was thinking about how they underbid me.



Brian Miller said...

haha...too funny...i dunno it might have been fun to try and pull off...smiles...and nice turn about in the bidding too..smiles...

Heidi Lee said...

This is hilarious! Loved this!