Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday morning

I am up early drinking the first cup of coffee
and delaying getting ready for church.

I just set my library copy of The Glass Castle on
the end table I searched for and bought at a garage sale.
It is scuffed but made from good wood and just the right shape.
It has a drawer that sort falls open because the
sliding mechanism is broken but I don't mind,
I just keep it closed.
Now I have a place next to my chair for a lamp
and to pile my books.

It is dark and the house is quiet,
and I just finished the book.
I was up late reading it, but I didn't want to finish.
Whenever I finish a very good book at night,
I can't get to sleep afterward.

So I left the very ending for this morning
and woke up early to read it.
Now it will speak to me for some days
unless I jump right into another good book,
which I am likely to do.
But if I can, I like to let it settle.

And this morning I am living dangerously,
because last week I left myself only
fifteen minutes to get ready,
and I made it.

Now, no matter how many warnings
I give myself,
somewhere deep inside I will know that I can make it
in fifteen minutes.

This is dangerous knowledge for my


Brian Miller said...

haha. yeah i need to hurry and get ready as well...i am the last one...but the coffee is good...

hmm...might check out that book...and i am sitting at a yard sale table right now...

TechnoBabe said...

Exactly, once you find you can do something it has given you the knowledge that it is possible so that is what you naturally want to do. I can picture all cozy in your robe and drinking your coffee, basking in the delight of the finished book, wanting to go to church and yet not wanting to change the now, the moment. Hugs.

Heidi Lee said...

My good friend loved that book. I need to read it. She keeps telling me to read it. Maybe I can borrow it.

Diane said...

Now ya gotta wonder....could you do it in 14?

mrc-w said...

Oh I know what you mean about that being dangerous knowledge! I cut it too closely all the time!