Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tomorrow is their last day of school for the year.

I know that feeling of freedom that will wash over them
as they leave those stuffy halls, break open the big double doors
and burst out into the sunshine.

I know that feeling.

When the stuff that's been nagging at you is over, and just falls away
and you feel light again,
and the world seems like it's new again,
and possibilities are everywhere.

When you feel sorta reckless and giddy with
the power that comes along with feeling free.

So I'm celebrating that this morning
by eating chips and salsa for breakfast.

Because I want to, and I'm allowed.

Because I SAY I'm allowed.



Brian Miller said...

woohoo. chips & salsa is good anytime. i am just excited i get my play mates back!

TechnoBabe said...

You must be my long lost sister or someone related for sure. I like chips and salsa for breakfast too. You are getting ready for the summer with the kids home. Cool.

Wilde said...

Yum! Believe it or not, I just ate chips and salsa for breakfast a couple of weeks ago! For a second, that day, I thought, hmm, almost like an English know, hard toast and stewed tomatoes. Of course, one could add the baked beans, hard-boiled egg, jam, and tea next time. Haha. Hey, now I'm hungry! My fav night snack recently is toast with honey bear honey. I think it's about the
bear. :o)

Heidi Lee said...

I love it!