Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Thee Wed

I do not like this pairing up of children who are age 11 into girlfriends and boyfriends.
The drama, the ridiculousness, the peer pressure.
But Twin Boy has loved Erin since the 1st grade when they used to kiss each other behind the cubbies.
Both sets of parents were alarmed until we realized that "kissing" meant smacking their hands and then planting it on the other's cheek. We said that was enough of that, but apparently the love of two 6 year olds has survived five years worth of our parental prudishness.

On the way to school this morning,
Twin Boy, Twin Girl and I had the following conversation:

Me: TwinGirl, why are you taking the cell phone to school?

TwinGirl: To take pictures

TwinBoy (interrupting): Oh yeah! Mom! I forgot to tell you that we're having a wedding today!

Me: A wedding?

TwinBoy: I'm marrying Erin! At second recess.

TwinGirl: But don't worry mom it's just for pretend.

Me: Oh, phew, yeah because I was worried...

TwinBoy: And instead of "You may kiss the bride", Isaac's gonna say, "You may hug the bride."

Me: Phew again!


Me: Um, is this something you have to dress up for? (eyeing his shirt...)

TwinGirl: I have a tie.

TwinBoy: You do?

TwinGirl: In my backpack.

TwinBoy: Oh. Thanks.

TwinGirl: Mom and after school today there's a safety patrol party but it's going to be SO BORING because all they do is turn off the lights in the gym and put out balls and stuff. And then they play football and I just CAN'T STAND football.

TwinBoy: I was thinking maybe I'd join football this year.

TwinGirl: No.

TwinBoy: Yeah I'm probably not going to join football this year.

After school I got the update:

TwinGirl: Mom! (breathless, on the cell phone) This was the weirdest day of school!

Me: Tell me.

TwinGirl: Well first, Mrs. Slater (principal) found out about the wedding. And she took them into the multipurpose room and she told them that they could have it as long as there was NO kissing, NO hugging, NO even high-fives!

Me: Alright Mrs. Slater!

TwinGirl: She said all they could do was a fist bump. But then Erin was crying, and Leo Fuller was going to be best man but now he couldn't, and James was sad.

Me: So, the wedding's off?

TwinGirl: I guess. But that's not the weird part! We were in Mrs. Perry's class and Mrs. Slater came to the door and she said she needed to speak to both of us and I was so freaked out! I thought I did something wrong. But she said that she had an honor for us, because she has known us since Kindergarten, and also because we are her favorite twins, and also because TwinBoy wore a tie today. She said she had chosen us to ring the bell a hundred times for Hundreds Day! And then everybody was crowded around us, and Leo was saying, "I wore a tie, I can't help it if I'm not a twin, why can't I ring the bell??" and we got to ring the bell a hundred times and it was so great, and I was so happy.

So of course then I was so happy too.

And I relayed the story to Middle Child who sighed a deep, excruciating sigh right from the depths of her fake Converse tennis shoes.

She attends middle school inside the high school that is right across the street from the elementary school. We only have around 600 students K-12 in our little country school.

Which I love.

So Middle Child sighed again and says,

"Yeah I was in band and Mr. Franks looked at the clock and he saw it was 1:50 and he said, 'Aw, I'm gonna miss the wedding!' I just put my hands over my face, Mom. Apparently in elementary band today all the boys came in to class with ties on and Mr. Franks asked what was going on and they told him about the wedding..So then he told everybody in my class about TwinBoy getting married at second recess and I just covered my face I was so embarassed."

I really love my life.



TechnoBabe said...

That is magical. Wonderful story. You get to hear all about it too. Way cool.

Beth said...

Your kids just crack me up! I wish I lived in a town as small as yours.

Did anyone throw birdseed?

kool kenna said...

this is awesome. i love your family so much!!!

Kulio said...

Now 'twin girl' says the high schoolers are coming up to twin boy and asking him about the wedding. I forgot to say there were invitations written. How did I miss all of this preparation? Apparently the principal congratulated them on their creativity, before she laid down the law, and Erin called the wedding off and cried because she really really really had wanted that hug! Twin Boy says, "And she CANCELLED it mom, NOT postponed, CANCELLED." :-)

mrc-w said...

Hahahaha, such a funny story! AH, poor Middle Girl, that must be deathly embarassing for a middle-schooler :)

Wilde said...

That is sooo funny--smiling, sweet tickles right down to your mommy toes!!

GrandpaC said...

Where do we send the wedding gifts?


Lisa Y. said...

Rolling on the floor laughing!! Your kids are the cutest!! Poor middle girl. But I bet she remembers it fondly in a few years.

Anonymous said...
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Heidi Lee said...

Best story EVER.

FootballDude said...

yeah james! you thought a whole lot more about this than I did when I got married at the age of 5!

bk said...


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