Monday, April 21, 2008


I think the name "Basil" is tres cool.

But instead of giving birth to another child and naming him, "Basil", I have settled for growing a basil plant.

Actually, I'm growing several because according to internet sources, each one of these little sprouts is going to become rather large! I thought I could just keep them all in this little tin thing on my kitchen window, but apparently I have to transplant them.

Who would like a basil plant?

It's so cool to plant a seed and be surprised by the sprouts coming up.

I am going to make a tomato-basil pizza. How long will it take to grow basil leaves that I can harvest?

Stay tuned.


First UMC said...

I love your container!

cjs said...

look at you, you little martha stewart, you.

you're probably grinding your wheat berries for flour as I type.

kudos on your gardening endeavors.

by the way...we've been vegetarian (actually, a little more like flexitarian) for almost TWO MONTHS!)

Lisa Yik the Chick said...

You Grow girl! I love basil...and cilantro. I think I'll add those to our garden this year. Your container is very chic.

Molly said...

That is a cool picture! I'm glad your basil is growing so well. I want to have a garden when Jon and I get a place :)

MathGeek said...

Tomato and Basil pizza???

Kulio said...

Yes mathgeek, and you will despise it.

Molly, now I know what to get you for a wedding gift! ha!

Lisa - cilantro - excellent idea!

Cjs - oh yes, and rolling out my own pizza dough (cough, cough). Flexitarian, oh MY!!! cool :-)

first umc - THANKS!

kool kenna said...

koolio. Mathgeek (haha)