Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lost On Me

I guess I missed a rather dramatic moment just now.....

I had had a little discussion with the girl twin about the condition of her bedroom, and left her upstairs with two big tears streaming down her cheeks. (No I didn't yell....but I said no computer game tonight....).

Then, unsuspecting, I went downstairs and got online to check out the prices of the oldest boy's birthday wish list. It was very quiet in the house, and I assumed all was well everywhere and that she was up earnestly cleaning her room.....

Then I heard the outside door open and saw her standing in the doorway.
I said, surprised, "Well HI!"
She kicked off her shoes in disgust and cried, "You didn't even know I was out there???"
Then she slumped passed me muttering, "I was sitting out there just SITTING on a rock for a really long time!"
I said, "You were??"
She flipped her ponytails at me and marched into the family room saying, "And I had my face in my hands the WHOLE TIME."

I could just picture her out there waiting for me to notice her forlorn self.
How very sad! Truly I would have given her some sympathy if I only would have noticed...

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First UMC said...

Ah - if I had a nickel for every time I tried to make a point to someone that totally missed it. So disappointing, but its not a totally bad thing that you missed the dramatic moment. You're teaching her something and it may not be a bad something!

I can picture her out there too, though.